Tragedy, and stories that connect us

It’s been a week since the tragic events in Paris. A week in which much has happened and many questions have been asked.  As well as the over-riding sense of sympathy for those directly involved, and families who lost loved ones, there has been a sense of trying to understand why and how it happened. Earlier in the week I [...]

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The most influential story ever told

At Inside Story most of our work with leaders involves true stories. Very occasionally we might call on a fable, but on the whole we think that the truth is best. However, when I went to the British Library the other day as part of my quest for yet more ‘story science’, I found a paper that proves that fictional [...]

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The science of stories

There have now been a number of fMRI studies that have examined the effects that stories have on our brains. Before I jump in to a couple of those, here is a quick definition of fMRI for non-neuroscientists: an imaging technology that shows which parts of the brain are activated in response to a given stimulus. There, that wasn’t so [...]

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Strategy story

It’s that time of year again. Strategies and the colossal PowerPoint presentations that embody them are ripening. But is all the effort worth it? I once worked with a leader who said that he preferred a poor strategy well executed to a great strategy poorly executed. I railed against the idea – I love strategy! – but now I (begrudgingly) [...]

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Story: a reliable mode of transportation

By Lee Farnsworth I recently met up with an old friend that I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. We spent five years working for the same organisation and for a good chunk of that time we saw each other on an almost daily basis. Despite the fact that I christened him with one of those nicknames that refuses [...]

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Show and Tell

I sat in my first creative writing class in a chilly pub basement in Durham in 1993. I expected to listen to the teacher for the first few weeks. Maybe I would be asked to critique the work of a published writer, but surely I wouldn’t be expected to write. I was writing within fifteen minutes. And fifteen minutes after [...]

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